Nuc Hive Sales

We are SOLD OUT for 2021.  If you are looking for hives, please email us so we can re-direct you to another vendor.


Purchasing a "Nuc" (aka "Nucleus Hive") is a very popular way for a beekeeper to begin a new hive.  The advantages to starting with a Nuc (over a "package") are

  • a higher population of bees earlier in the year
  • Several frames which are already "built out" with wax for the bees to store honey, nectar, and eggs
  • a queen that has already been accepted by the hive AND has begun laying eggsNuc

Cornerstone Honey Bees will sell a limited number of Nucs every spring - usually around 20.   Each of our Nucs will contain 5 fully built-out frames (meaning honey comb is on the frame) with at least 2 of those frames containing "brood" (eggs, larval stage, & pupate stage baby bees) and 2 frames of honey & pollen.   In addition, our Nucs come with a newly hatched, mated, and laying queen from BeeWeaver Apiaries.  We have chosen queens from BeeWeaver because of their proven track record of mite resistance.

We offer our Nucs in 2 sizes:

5-Frame Deep $225
5-Frame Medium $200

If you wish to order Nucs, please fill out and return the Order Form.