Cornerstone Honey Bees, owned & operated by Chris & Dalene Barnes, was established in 2013, originally as a minor hobby.   Today we operate more than 50 hives and offer a diverse array of products & services, including:

Honey & Wax Sales
Swarm Captures & Colony Removals
Leasing Hives for "1-d-1" Ag Valuation of Property Taxes
Hive & Nuc Sales
1 on 1 Beekeeping Consulting
Hive Tours

In 2014 Chris & Dalene helped start the Brazos Valley Beekeepers Association.  This is a local club in Bryan/College Station which meets monthly and averages ~75 members attending the meetings.  Dalene is currently serving as the club's treasurer.  Chris is a past club president and is currently serving as the club's Youth Program Director.

In 2020 Chris was part of a group of people across the state that helped form the Texas Association of Professional Bee Removers - a 501(c)6 trade organization whose goals are to represent our members as well as promote the safe, live removal of honey bees to the general public.  Chris is currently serving on the Board of Directors as the treasurer.

Chris also serves as a volunteer with the Texas Beekeepers Association, the statewide member-based organization that represents all Texas beekeepers and local beekeeping associations.  Chris currently serves as the "Club Website Program coordinator".