Honey Sales

Honey & Wax for saleLike any good beekeeper, we occasionally have honey for sale.   We have close to 40 hives, so we do produce several hundred pounds of honey per year.

Our honey is run through a strainer in order to remove any stray "bug bits" (wings, legs, etc), but is never heated and forced through a high pressure filter.   As a result, our honey has that "natural, raw" look that is sometimes cloudy and will occasionally crystalize. We sell our honey for $10/lb in 1 and 1.5 lb jars.  Other sizes are available upon request (including large jars containing raw honeycomb).


Bee's Wax Sales

Due to the high number of removals we perform, we have a fairly steady source of bees wax available for sale.  Our customers who buy bee's wax use it to make candles, soap, lotions, and other products.   We sell the bee's wax for $1/oz or $15/lb.