Honey Sales

Like any good beekeeper, we occasionally have honey for sale.  We have over 50 hives, so we do produce several hundred pounds of honey per year.

Our honey is raw & unfiltered.  "Raw" simply means it is not pasteurized; "Unfiltered" in honey processing terms means that it is not pushed through an ultra-high filter.   It is run through a 600 micron strainer in order to remove any stray "bug bits" (wings, legs, etc).   As a result, our honey has that "natural, raw" look that is sometimes cloudy and will occasionally crystallize.  Note that crystallization is a normal process that that happens with REAL honey.


The majority of our honey is available at the "Front Porch Marketplace" - which is a fancy way of saying we have a bench next to our front door where people can come get honey & wax anytime you like.  Simply come to our house (google map), come to the front door, and grab a jar or two of honey.   Payment is on the honor system - just drop your money in the jar in the basket.   We also accept payments via Venmo (@Cornerstone-Honey-Bees) or PayPal (chris@cornerstonehoneybees.com)

We sell our honey for $15 for a 1lb jar & $25 for a 2lb jar.  Other sizes are available upon request (including large jars containing raw honeycomb).  We will also have a limited supply of "cut comb" (pictured to the left).


Bee's Wax Sales

Due to the high number of removals we perform, we have a fairly steady source of bees wax available for sale.  The wax is rendered using our "Solar Wax Melter" and run through a paint strainer to take out the vast majority of non-wax bits.   Our customers who buy bee's wax use it to make candles, soap, lotions, and other products.   We sell the bee's wax for $1/oz or $15/lb.